Welcome to the River Eyes Data Portal

This page contains data collected on river drying in the Middle Rio Grande since 2002. These data are presented in the following tables, interactive data visualizations and web maps. For background information and details of the monitoring program visit the About page.

Web Maps

Drying Heatmap Visualization of number of dry days along the Middle Rio Grande as a heat map. Layers are included for individual years, mean dry days and total dry days since 2002

Features and Landmarks Interactive web map with locations of features and landmarks, river mile hundredths along the centerline, stream gages, conveyances and range lines.

Figures and Dashboards

Dry Segments Heatmap Visualization of dry segments throughout each year, with date on the horizontal axis and river mile on the vertical axis.

Time Series of USGS Streamflow Data Interactive graphs of mean daily discharge, for all USGS stream gages in the Middle Rio Grande

Dry Segments and Streamflow Dashboard A combination of the above two figures, for comparing dryness with stream discharge

Tabular Data

Changes in Dry Length: Table displaying changes in dry length relative to the previous day/month/year

Dry Length by Day: Displays dry length by day in both river miles and percentage of the total reach

Dry Segment Details: For all recorded dry segments, displays length in river miles, upstream extent and downstream extent

Annual and Monthly Drying Statistics: Summary statistics for each reach, including total number of dry days, min/max dry extents, max dry length, first and last day of drying, grouped by month or year

Dry Lengths in Relation to Streamflow: For each dry segment, displays dry length, upstream river mile, and mean daily discharge of USGS gages on that day

Mean Daily Discharge of USGS Stream Gages: Displays mean discharge by day, for USGS stream gages along the Middle Rio Grande

Locations of MRG Features and Landmarks: For features and landmarks along the Middle Rio Grande such as USGS gages, diversion dams, outfalls, etc, displays river mile and lat/long coordinates